Hello, Manjaro KDE!

Among the many desktop environments available for Linux there’s one called KDE. This DE is the most powerful available for the platform, with tons of options and nearly infinite possibilities of configuration and customization; but precisely due to this it was known for being a whale of resource consumption. The few times I used it in the past I always ended up uninstalling it for killing my RAM and battery life.

A few days ago I heard that the latest version had improved so much that it was now using even less resources than Xfce, another desktop environment which is so lightweight that it’s used for low-end computers. I couldn’t believe it so I had to test it myself, by downloading Manjaro KDE Edition.

I was surprised to see that it was true, it’s much more lightweight and faster than the DE I had been using until now, GNOME, and incomparably more beautiful too. The theme that the Manjaro guys made for it is an absolute eye candy. I sent GNOME to Hell at that instant and now my laptop looks like this:

Manjaro KDE 1

Manjaro KDE 2

Manjaro KDE 3

Manjaro KDE 4