Twitter censures people wishing death to Donald Trump

Donald Trump wearing mask for COVID-19

Of course it was too good to be true. Twitter has come in to ruin the party, removing tweets of users hoping that Donald Trump dies of COVID-19 (the illness he’s largely responsible for spreading and that he has been adamant in downplaying), under the excuse that “tweets that wish or hope for death, serious bodily harm or fatal disease against anyone are not allowed and will need to be removed”:

Twitter's lame excuse for censoring anti-Trump tweets

But people haven’t taken long to notice the double standard of the move, because firstly, nobody is really “death-threatening” Trump; and secondly, the platform has been known for doing absolutely nothing to help other people who did suffer from persistent harassment and actual death threats, such as Ava DuVernay or the four women from the Democratic party known as “The Squad”.

I’ve myself suffered from harassment on the social network and I can confirm that Twitter’s support is the definition of useless and they never even bothered to reply to my reports, but they do jump instantly to defend that who can take them down, even when nobody is really threatening to harm him and it’s merely people joking around.

Entire hashtags are now gone after having dominated Twitter’s trending topics for the past 2 days, and have been replaced by an isolated #PrayForTrump. The media manipulators at work again.

Below are some screenshots I took of Twitter’s TTs on the wake of the news in the morning of October 2nd:

Twitter's trending topics after Donald Trump's COVID-19 news (1) Twitter's trending topics after Donald Trump's COVID-19 news (2) Twitter's trending topics after Donald Trump's COVID-19 news (3) Twitter's trending topics after Donald Trump's COVID-19 news (4)

Via: The Independent

The Dark Knight Returns... to Netflix

The Dark Knight returns to Netflix

It’s so good to log into Netflix and be welcomed by this. The Dark Knight has returned to the catalog, after having been removed some time ago, apparently in order to move it to Warner’s own streaming service DC Universe (whose catalog is in turn being absorbed by Warner’s new predilect child HBO Max). It looks like Netflix still has better relations with Warner than with Disney despite all three being rivals now.

I extracted the background image from the banner and I leave it below. It’d be excellent as wallpaper if it was of bigger resolution (that’s the source file, I didn’t resize it or anything):

The Dark Knight Netflix wallpaper

By the way, Dunkirk is also arriving to Netflix on October 12th:

Dunkirk Netflix banner

Trump has COVID-19

Donald Trump COVID-19 fake

Donald Trump has tested positive for COVID-19, and the world relishes on the news. “Karma” was trending on Twitter a few hours ago. “Nothing unites humans like a common enemy”, and humanity is now united under the flag of mocking the leader of the pandemic denialists. These thousands of deaths and the economical crash are, in good part, his fault and that of his followers. Sounds like the perfect comeback, but could that be too good to be true?

A Twitter user’s harmless “prediction” from 2 weeks ago shows how this seeming moment of triumph can be the facade for a dark ploy that’d only turn the table to his favor again. Of course the user was just joking, but still sounds oddly plausible, doesn’t it?

Source: @JohnCamo

This video never fails to make me happy. The song is on Spotify:

Update 2022/01/07: The original video was removed by YouTube. Fortunately I had it saved and I’ve uploaded it directly to the blog. It was originally here:

Dolores en el Eurojuego

Si creías que no podía haber nadie más como Maruja, prepárate porque ese incidente en el Eurojuego tuvo una secuela, y la misma conductora se encontró increíblemente en la misma situación cuando otra concursante mayor también empezó a discutir al aire con su televisor. Una segunda parte tan buena como la original.

I’ve been playing this almost nonstop for the past two days. From the soundtrack of the movie 28 Weeks Later.

Hello, Manjaro KDE!

Among the many desktop environments available for Linux there’s one called KDE. This DE is the most powerful available for the platform, with tons of options and nearly infinite possibilities of configuration and customization; but precisely due to this it was known for being a whale of resource consumption. The few times I used it in the past I always ended up uninstalling it for killing my RAM and battery life.

A few days ago I heard that the latest version had improved so much that it was now using even less resources than Xfce, another desktop environment which is so lightweight that it’s used for low-end computers. I couldn’t believe it so I had to test it myself, by downloading Manjaro KDE Edition.

I was surprised to see that it was true, it’s much more lightweight and faster than the DE I had been using until now, GNOME, and incomparably more beautiful too. The theme that the Manjaro guys made for it is an absolute eye candy. I sent GNOME to Hell at that instant and now my laptop looks like this:

Manjaro KDE 1

Manjaro KDE 2

Manjaro KDE 3

Manjaro KDE 4