Update: Twitter suspended my account for reporting on its censorship about Trump

Twitter account suspended, Trump censorship

This is so surreal that I couldn’t help but laugh when it happened. Turns out Twitter isn’t kidding on its censorship against those who wish death to Trump, and they seem to have applied a filter that automatically suspends accounts as soon as you attempt to talk about it, even if it’s about reporting on the situation and not participating in it.

The above image and the one below show what just happened when I tried to send my previous post to Twitter: my account got instantly suspended and didn’t even let me send the tweet.

Twitter account suspended, Trump censorship (2)

I must clarify that it’s impossible for me to have done something else to get suspended because this is an account I had never used. I created it 2 months ago and left it laying there, I didn’t even have a single tweet, I never sent a message to anybody or followed anybody. I made the account solely to get an API key with the purpose of building a Twitter bot (which I haven’t started coding yet). There’s really no reason why Twitter should have suspended my account (though I can see how the fact that it’s relatively new made it easy prey of the automatic filters).

So it looks like Trump and his supporters can use Twitter to spread all kinds of misinformation and hateful messages, but if you speak against them you get suspended. It’s also ironic how I had mentioned that Twitter did nothing when I was being harassed in the past (with a different account), but they’re fast as lightning to suspend my account when I’ve literally done absolutely nothing. This is where the world has descended to in the current times.